Friday, September 30, 2005

Fast Four

Oh yeah, Red Sox over the Yankees! Great game. And last night's win over the Blue Jays was just magic. Ortiz is the man.

Easy run today felt really good -- and it was 30 seconds faster than Tuesday's run when I was pushing it. It just came easy today. I feel like I'm getting back into that running groove again. I'll take tomorrow off (though I'll stop by Marathon Sports to check them out, pick up a couple things), then a twelve mile run Sunday morning along the Charles River. Assuming that goes well, I'll be into week one of the countdown to the Arizona Rock N Roll marathon in January.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nice 6 Miler

Nice run today -- about 6 miles, easy. Yesterday was a sort of up-tempo 4-miler. Tomorrow, some X-training, another easy 4 on Friday, then a day off on Saturday. That'll set me up for my first long run in two months. Current plan is for a 12-miler along the Charles River. I'm looking forward to it. Kind of tired, though since I've been working long days to make up for missing work on Monday. Time for bed. zzzz

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Early Evening Run

Very early flight to Boston, then a full day's work. But, I at least got a run in this evening (even if it was just an easy 4 miler).Found the Marathon Sports web site. Nice map of the trails around the Charles River -- looks like my weekend destination. Also, apparently they coordinate group runs weeknights and Sunday mornings. I think I'll try and join up occasionally. Been a long day, and I've got three more coming -- better get to bed. zzzz

Friday, September 23, 2005

Getting There

I am getting so tired of airports. This week it was two days in Melbourne Florida on business (flew into Orlando Tuesday night, back to Boston Thursday night), then back to Kansas City to show the house (gotta get it sold). Anyone wanna buy a house in Overland Park Kansas? Guess I better put pictures up on the web. Running an open house on Sunday. Still need to finish up a couple things around the house before I head back to Boston early Tuesday morning. Of course I can't say the accomodations in Melbourne were disagreeable. Gorgeous B & B on the beach. Too bad we spent almost all our time working. Well, it rained quite a bit also. At least I got one run in Wednesday morning in between rain showers; an easy 4 miler along the beach. I'm quite tired now, but maybe another easy run tomorrow, and then 8 to 10 miles on Sunday morning before the open house.

Getting Back Into It

Yeah, I was out of 'net contact for a while (except at work of course). Now I'm back to full strength net-wise. Which is more than I can say about my running. But I'm slowly adding the weekly miles now. I haven't decided for sure what my next marathon will be, but I'm thinking the Arizona Rock n Roll. Chance to see family and friends. Well, off to work now.