Sunday, March 07, 2010

Seven Glorious Miles

It was about 56 degrees in Boston today. Yesterday too.

Seven miles -- along the Charles River. Absolutely beautiful run. I am so wonderfully tired. And don't oranges just taste amazingly good after a solid run?

I didn't post last week, but the running has been good. I've been getting either four or five runs in every week. On Friday, I did the closest thing to a tempo run in a long time. It was a five mile run, with 2.5 miles at an up tempo. Feeling good. And today's 7 mile run, in this gorgeous weather, running with friends, was just extremely gratifying.

Next Sunday, the 5K. I'll be slow. But I'll have fun. The rest of the week will be a bit lighter. I'll probably run Tue, Wed and Thu, with just a warm-up type run on Saturday so I feel sharp on Sunday.



Blogger Anne said...

It's so good to hear you are back to running regularly and pain-free. There's hope for the rest of us who are two steps behind you.

3/09/2010 8:38 AM  
Blogger iJuls said...

Hurray for you Kurt. Keep it up.

3/09/2010 11:42 PM  
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