Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Checking In

dessicated leaves
cover the trail
-- and the cracked ice

Just checking in with a haiku and a short update. I've been incredibly preoccupied with work and traveling to Arizona last week to spend a little time with family, and so have not had time to update this blog lately.

The daily challenge is still going strong (sorry, I don't have the totals handy right now -- don't remember which day I started on -- will update again very soon). I must admit that there have been a couple days that I didn't get ALL 300 ab reps in -- BUT I did make them up and so am maintaining an average of 300 reps per day.

The running is going quite well. Last Sunday I did a marathon goal pace run in Tucson. [Side note: flew from Boston to Phoenix last Thursday night and it was colder in Phoenix than it was in Boston!] Anyway, the goal pace (GP) run was different. The objective was to start with the 6-mile cutdown -- 8:50 pace for the first 2 miles, 8:40 pace for miles 3 & 4, 8:30 pace for miles 5 & 6. Then run current marathon goal pace (about 8:20) for 8 miles. Unfortunately, Saturday night the wind began to howl. I woke up to incredibly strong winds Sunday morning. My out and back route would be interesting. The first two miles were kind of meandering around a neighborhood and were pretty close to being on target, but the next 5 miles were all WITH the wind. And boy were they fast (yeah, well faster than planned). BUT, I maintain that they were at an appropriate effort. The fun began when I turned around for the return. There was no way to maintain GP against that wind. I may as well have been running up a steep hill -- it was that strong. But my average for the entire run was an 8:32 pace (14 miles). My goal average was 8:29, so I was pretty damn close for having to deal with all the wind.

Then after taking Monday off (and traveling back to Boston), I did a tempo run yesterday (Tuesday). Three miles easy, 5 miles at tempo pace, and 2 miles easy recovery. I took 4 seconds per mile off my tempo pace, and added a mile onto the tempo run I did two weeks ago. Feeling strong.

Today was an easy 5 mile recovery run. I think I've got a 10 miler scheduled for tomorrow, then a couple easy runs before Sunday's 20-miler. I'm feeling good. I've had a couple minor aches and pains (left hamstring and left foot), but they seem to be improving.

Work will be hell for a little while so posting will be sporadic. But I'll be lurking and keeping up with everyone.