Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting Back In The Groove...

Well, I seem to be back into the running groove. Now I just need to get back into the blogging groove...

I've been getting in my four or five runs every week. Things are still feeling good. Starting to build slowly.

Last weekend it was almost 90 degrees on Saturday (in Boston!). I took the day off. Then on Sunday it dropped to the mid 60's. Nice. Went for an easy 6 mile run with a couple friends. Took it easy, but did just fine. Weekend (long-ish) runs now have a minimum distance of 6 miles. My midweek runs will be transitioning from 3 mile runs to 4 mile runs over the next few weeks. Building that aerobic base. Races will come next Spring.

I may not be blogging too much again yet, but I am keep track of quite a few of you other runners out there. You're all doing just great! I'm looking forward to seeing some marathon results in the next few weeks... (including a significant PR and a BQ!)



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