Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Race In Over Three Years...

Yep, it's true. I did run the An Ras Mor 5K in Cambridge this morning. So here's the race report:

The weather sucked.

That's it. Oh, and I at least ran it in less than a half hour. [And not much under 30 minutes.]

Temperature was in the low 40's and it was raining and blowing -- average 25mph winds. I don't think the gusts of wind were quite reaching what they did last night (40mph gusts). The rain pounding against my bedroom window kept waking me up. And once in a while a big gust of wind would hit the house and I could literally feel the house move (bedroom is on the third floor). So a restless night before the race.

My friends all made it to the start line, survived the weather and the race, and everybody made their goals. It actually was a fun time for all. And there was Smuttynose IPA at the finish.

I'm not complaining too much (except for the weather part). I've only been training for about 6 weeks I think -- after two and a half years off due to the injuries. It feels good to race again -- despite the slow pace (I ran my last marathon at a faster pace than I did this 5K).

The knees are holding up fine -- pretty much pain-free running (walking is a different story). Still some residual plantar fasciitis pain (it is improving) after the race -- no problems during the race.

All my friends who did their first race today are asking when we're going to do another one. Looks like I'll have to put something on my calendar -- keep us all training for the next few months.

At least the weather can only improve.


Sunday, March 07, 2010

Seven Glorious Miles

It was about 56 degrees in Boston today. Yesterday too.

Seven miles -- along the Charles River. Absolutely beautiful run. I am so wonderfully tired. And don't oranges just taste amazingly good after a solid run?

I didn't post last week, but the running has been good. I've been getting either four or five runs in every week. On Friday, I did the closest thing to a tempo run in a long time. It was a five mile run, with 2.5 miles at an up tempo. Feeling good. And today's 7 mile run, in this gorgeous weather, running with friends, was just extremely gratifying.

Next Sunday, the 5K. I'll be slow. But I'll have fun. The rest of the week will be a bit lighter. I'll probably run Tue, Wed and Thu, with just a warm-up type run on Saturday so I feel sharp on Sunday.