Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Not a Bad Week

Last week wasn't too bad. I only got a couple runs in, but I got new shoes and a new pair of mittens.

This week will have a lot more running than last week. This morning I ran 5 miles. Only a little tired the last mile. I also was starting to feel the right knee meniscus-related pain, but it wasn't bad at all. Still, 5 miles may be the limit for a few weeks. The plantar fasciitis was non-existent before, during and immediately after the run. But after a while, the PF really started hurting a bit. It seemed to get worse during the day. I don't know. I'll continue the stretches and make sure I'm not running on it when they're inflamed.

The shoes are sweet. I'm now running in Brooks Dyads. They're basically the replacement for the old Radius's. The Radius's were great -- I've had a few pair over the years. The Dyads feel just as good -- I think they'll work out just as well.

And the mittens are TOASTY! Two layers. The inner mittens work quite well by themselves (I used them alone this morning), but when you add the shell over them they are really warm. Better than ocelot spleens. Last Sunday I ran in the morning. It was about 10 or 11 degrees (F). Wind chill brought it even lower. My hands were sweating after a couple miles. They are quite nice. I don't know why I never acquired a set of mittens like these before.

Anyway, hoping to get four or five runs in this week (if I can keep the PF under control).



Blogger iJuls said...

10 degrees! I can't even imagine. I'm glad you got a fix for it. Run a couple miles for me while your at it. I'll pay you back when my ankle heals.

2/07/2010 1:48 AM  

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