Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OK, I'm In

I signed up for my first race since the 2007 Hyannis Marathon.

It's a 5K.

Flat and fast in Cambridge on March 14th.

I need the motivation. I've got several friends (first-timers) I talked into doing the race, so I figure I'd better be there with them.

Meanwhile, the knees are holding up just fine, but I'm still dealing with some plantar fasciitis issues. The PF isn't too bad right now, but I've got to take care of it. New shoes tomorrow. And I've got a new set of stretches (and strenghtening exercises) to do. It's "come to Jesus" time. Get religion. Shake off this inactivity. Get back to 5 days a week running. [It's been sporadic, though I have been running every few days.]

There have been enough other "distractions" in my life lately that I need this now. I'll post on those soon enough, but for now I need some routine. Something to focus on.

Getting lean again. Getting fast again. Going far again.

One step at a time.



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