Monday, January 04, 2010

Four Runs in a Week

That's more than I've done in a long time. Even though they were each on the order of 3 miles, at least I got out and ran four times last week. And the 3 mile runs were each non-stop -- I didn't have to stop to rest my knee. Things are looking good.

Yesterday's run was fun... We've had a bit of snow lately. I strapped on the yaktrax and ran Fresh Pond. Conditions were perfect for using them. Mostly hard packed snow (occasionally loose). Slightly more effort in the snow, of course. But it was a nice run -- it wasn't really too cold.

Not much else to report on. Sorry, no haiku today.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a good week. Hope they're all good from this point on.

1/09/2010 12:42 AM  

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