Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Three Weeks and Still Going

It was yesterday, about an hour or so after my run, I was walking up the stairs and I suddenly realized -- I have sore muscles! Oh, the soreness feels SO good.

I've been running for three weeks now. And though the knee isn't perfect yet, I'm able to run every other day. My last few runs have been 3 miles each, with only minimal stops (I recall stopping twice during each of the last two runs -- the first stop coming around the two mile mark). I expect to be running three miles non-stop by next week. Then I'll go to four days each week. And slowly increase the mileage. Small steps.

This journey back to running is a slow one. I am so out of (running) shape. Which also means my quick breaks to rest my knee are a welcome relief to my running muscles as well. "Patience" I tell myself...



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