Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thoughts on Marathon Day

Since I was "off" from work, A and I of course went down to Kenmore Square to watch the Boston marathon. We got a bit of a late start and so missed the very first elite frontrunners. We were across the street from the "Citgo" sign and had a great view of everything. The weather was probably just a little warm for the runners and it was sunny.

It's always amazing watching the finishers. Especially those who are obviously gritting through a lot of pain -- and are still moving at a good clip. It was also amazing to see the Hoyt team again (their 26th Boston marathon!), and of course Lance Armstrong (and his entourage).

For the second time, searched for E-Speed, but never saw her -- she was that fast!

We watched for a couple hours then left. It certainly does help in the inspiration department!


Blogger E-Speed said...

What's funny is that you saw Hoyts but not me because I passed them shortly after the Citgo sign so I couldn't have been far behind them at that point!

4/25/2008 5:24 PM  

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