Friday, March 07, 2008

Ahh... Sore Legs

My legs are sore. And that feels soooo good. You wouldn't think 15 miles in a week would do much damage. Combine it with plenty of strengthening exercises (in the weight room), a not insignificant amount of time on the elliptical, cycle and rowing machines, and essentially six months off, and yeah, a person could feel a little tired.

But it's a great feeling.

No pain in the knee. And of course the old hamstring strain is long gone. Now it's just the slow road to getting back in shape.

I'm working out five or six days a week, with a 6 mile run (minimum now) on Sundays. The weekly mileage will increase ever so slowly over the next couple of months, but by the summer I expect to be back to some heavy training again.

It's a little soon to sign up for my next marathon, but I'm looking ahead to Tucson in December.



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