Saturday, January 05, 2008

Worst Injury Ever

OK, well, my worst injury so far.

I mentioned in my last post that this one has gone on for 6 months and it's still not completely normal. I have a small tear in the back of the meniscus on my left knee. I couldn't run for 6 months. For the first 3 months, I would be in pain after walking for 10 minutes. I finally broke down and went to physical therapy.

After about a month, I still couldn't run, though I was strengthening my left leg considerably.

Oddly, right around the time I finally got scheduled for the MRI, it started feeling much better. A few days later, I ran 1 mile. No pain (in the knee). It felt great to run again. And it felt like crap.

It has been so long without running, that I really feel like I'm starting over.

Hopefully, I will improve rapidly.

I've been increasing mileage very slowly. Not running two days in a row. Increasing by a half mile at a time.

On New Years day I ran three miles. Whoo hoo! Tomorrow will be another 3-miler. And I am excited about it -- temperatures in Boston are supposed to get back up close to 50! (It was 7 a couple days ago.) Maybe I'll even push it to 4 miles and run along the Charles River a bit.

That's all for now.



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