Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Base Build-up

OK, I'm back to base build-up. Finally.

No pain in the foot, and the hamstring is just a minor issue now -- and icing it is really helping.
Last week I accumulated 26 miles in four runs. Longest was Sunday morning's 9 miler. It was pretty warm, but I got through it OK. I was starting to fade about halfway through. I had run across the Mass. Ave. bridge (Harvard bridge) and was heading back when I passed a runner who had stopped to take a gel. We ran the rest of the way along the river together and it was enjoyable having someone to talk to. He kept me going at a good pace for most of the remainder of my run.

This week I add another running day (five total) and will put in 32 or 33 miles (long run of 11 on Sunday). Today's 7 miler at lunch was also a bit warm, but carrying water really helps -- drinking it early in the run, sprinkling it over my head towards the end of the run.

The following week I need to be in the high 30's for mileage (12 to 14 mile long run) -- cause then the countdown to the BQ (attempt) begins. 18 weeks until the Tucson marathon.



Blogger Lara said...

Sounds like you're ready to put those miles on again - but do be mindful of that hamstring if it's still bothering! I know, advice from the Queen of All Injuries - you can tell me to shush ;-)

7/21/2007 7:40 AM  

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