Monday, February 26, 2007

Hyannis Marathon - Pre-race Report

[I actually wrote this on Saturday -- but I lost my internet connection just before I could upload it. Race report will follow later this evening.]

I was hoping to get the day off from work on Friday so we could drive down to Hyannis early in the day. Didn't work out. I had to work until about 2:00 p.m. (boo). So by the time we hit the road, we were in the south shore Boston rush hour traffic. That added almost an hour to our drive.

We got to our hotel in Hyannis around 6:30; a little tired. We checked in and after settling into our room, and a light supper, decided to get to bed early. At which point the noise in the room directly above us kicked in. It sounded like a half dozen kids running around, talking and yelling, television blaring. This continued until almost 1:00 a.m. We complained several times. They've now promised us a (different) quiet room tonight. At least we were able to sleep in a little -- though I was hoping for more like 9 uninterrupted hours of sleep. Tonight should be better.

Hyannis is clear, chilly and breezy this morning. It's about 28 degrees right now. But forecast for tomorrow calls for about 32 degrees at race start, warming up to about 36 degrees (and not as breezy). For a winter New England marathon, that sounds pretty good to me.

Yesterday I picked up a pair of "wind" briefs -- 35% off at Marathon Sports in Cambridge, and another running shirt -- 50% off (Marathon Sports has a winter gear sale going on). I plan to wear the wind briefs under my Race-Ready shorts.

Hey, if you women can blog about your sports bras, I can write about my wind briefs.

I also picked up my gels for the race (Gu -- assorted flavors).

Daughter Anja and boyfriend Ben are on their way now to Hyannis, and together with Anita will form my most awesome support team. Yeah, team! Their most important function is to be at mile 18 to give me my change of shirt and gloves. Even in these cold temperatures, I find that even 16 to 20 miles of running can produce plenty of sweat -- and it gets cold. So I plan to change shirts at that point in the race.

I've planned out my nutrition. I've got my pre-race breakfast with me. Bagel with almond butter. Maybe a little fruit. I drink until 45 minutes before the race. (I tried drinking until 30 minutes prior -- but 30 minutes just wasn't quite long enough to let everything pass through.) I'll take one gel just before the start, and then one every 45 minutes. And I'll take an endurolyte every 60 minutes. This is much less than I did in my last race. That race was a disaster. I think just that little extra electrolyte boost will be plenty for me.

Goal: sub 4:00:00 Target: 3:40 - 3:50

And to recap the race plan...

Miles 1-2 -- 9:05 pace Miles 3-4 -- 8:55 pace Miles 5-6 -- 8:45 pace Miles 7-26.22 -- 8:35 pace for a target finish of 3:47. And as long as I keep it under 9:00, I'll should have my sub-4 race.

Now it's off to drive the course and then check in at the expo.

Next report will be post-race!



Blogger Anne said...

Looking forward to hearing the results, especially since they organizers have yet to post them.

And be sure to check out the City Sports Basement off Tremont near the Commons. You can get some really good deals there too.

2/26/2007 9:20 PM  
Blogger Ellie said...

Yeah, me, too! Got your results on the Boston Bound group, but I'm on the edge of my chair to hear the details..... Can't wait for your full report (and the wind briefs were a good idea, LOL!)

2/26/2007 10:27 PM  

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