Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Premature Autumnation?

warm meadow grass
rustles in the cool breeze
and summer's last crickets

Yesterday's run was an easy, and absolutely beautiful, 5 miles along the Minute Man trails. The sun was warm, there was a gentle cool breeze. It was nice to just enjoy the run through the woods. No thoughts of mileage or speed or training. Just an enjoyable run.

And leaves starting to change???

When did this start? A few trees turning various shades of yellow, bronze, and a kind of violet-rose. Just a few. And quite beautiful. I know it's been cool lately, but it's hard to believe summer is over.

I do love the Autumn season. It's something I never appreciated growing up in Phoenix; where Autumn usually occurs on the Tuesday between Christmas and New Years. Living in the Kansas City area, it quickly became my favorite season. Now that we're in New England, I get to enjoy this amazing foliage every Fall. This will be my second Autumn here. If it's anything like last year's -- it ought to inspire some decent haikus.

Today will be cross-training, and then George Mumford is speaking at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center.



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