Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Week in Review

(Last week, that is.)

Monday - rest day. I do some ab work, stretching and a little bit of cycling to get my legs moving. There is some pain in my right knee. In a place I have never had pain before. Doing a serious quad stretch irritates it. But - it doesn't feel like running would have any negative effect on it. Strange. Similar to a pain I had last Fall. I'm not worried about it yet.

Tuesday - 6 (plus) miles including 6 X 100m strideouts. It's raining still (though it did stop for a bit on Monday). I mostly run in the rain, though it has stopped by the time I finish. Figures.

Wednesday - the sun is shining! What a beautiful day. I'm scheduled to do an interval workout - which I usually do on the treadmill. No way I'm not going outside. I do a 4 mile warmup on the trails outside of work. It's glorious (if a little muddy from all the recent rain). Then I come inside and finish with my intervals. 5 X 1200m (at 7:20/mile pace) with 2 minute recovery, then a 1+ mile cooldown. 10 miles total.

Thursday - same as Monday - abs, stretch, a little cycling.

Friday - it's raining again (of course). I go out along the Charles River in the morning for 10 miles (which turned out to be more like 9 1/2). I knew it was supposed to rain so I wore my rain jacket. For 3 miles I was cursing myself for wearing it. No rain and I was burning up in it. I was telling myself it had better pour down rain before I get home to justify wearing this thing.

I wasn't disappointed.

About the time I passed the B.U. Bridge it was sprinking. By the time I was crossing the Harvard Bridge, it was a light rain. By the time I had passed the B.U. Bridge on my way back, it was pouring. Good thing.

Saturday - the rain is gone, weather is beautiful. I do an easy 4 miles around Fresh Pond.

Sunday - the last long run of this marathon cycle! The weather is perfect (close to what the marathon will be). I take my sport drink (Heed) and my electrolyte supplements with me and take them at roughly the same intervals as the marathon aid stations (I take an electrolyte supplement about every 30 minutes). I run down to the Charles River, east to the Science Museum and back along the other side until I reach the Harvard Bridge. At Mass. Ave. I head south, east for a block on Commonwealth, then south over the Mass Pike. From there I run through the Fenway gardens and over to the river trails. I go south to Jamaica Pond, around the pond, and head back. When I get back to the Charles River I continue west to the Eliot Bridge where I pick up the path back home.

Now this is the funny part. I look at my watch and think to myself, "Wow. I'm really slowing down on these long runs." And then I replot my route using both the Marathon Sports trail map and favoriterun.com's google mapping. It turns out that my 20 mile runs are really almost 21 miles! Well that more than makes up for coming up a little short on Friday. And it means...

50 miles (and change) for the week. And for those of you who might care, that's six 50+ mile weeks since late March (highest week was 56 in late April). And now the taper begins! Less than three weeks to go to NODM.



Blogger Sarah said...

Sounds like you're well prepared for NODM. What's your goal time? Enjoy your taper!

5/23/2006 8:22 PM  
Blogger Ellie said...

Happy tapering! I'm tapering too, for Hatfield-McCoy Marathon. Do good!!

5/25/2006 7:15 PM  
Blogger runninturnip said...

sounds like a great week of running. Its always nice when you ran farther than you thouht you did!

5/26/2006 1:17 PM  

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