Monday, May 01, 2006

The Week in Review

...excluding Sunday's race (next post).

After last week's 55 miles, capped off with a 20-miler on Sunday, Monday was a well-deserved day off. That was the end of my "Endurance/Lactate Threshold" mesocycle. The next four weeks is the "Race Preparation" mesocycle. This cycle consists of more speed training (intervals every week) as well as some racing!

Tuesday: After a 3 mile warmup, I did 6 X 600m at just under 5K pace with 90 second recovery, followed by a little less than 2 miles for a cooldown. Even though I did it on the treadmill (to carefully control speeds), it was a good 8 mile workout.

Wednesday: A medium 8 mile run. I ran out just beyond the Concord town center and back at a very even pace -- 8:54 per mile all the way. Oh, and I received my order from E-caps for my sports drink (Heed) and tried it out on this run. I think it's going to work out very well. It doesn't taste very sweet at all (since it's composed of all complex carbohydrates); I think it will be easy on my stomach for long distances.

Thursday: This is where things get interesting. I had to shuffle my workouts around this week because the race was on Sunday (rather than Saturday). Of course I didn't want to run long on Saturday and then race the next day. So I got up early on Thursday to do my long run -- 17 miles. This was great practice for taking in fluids. I drank 16 oz of Heed every hour (about every 2 miles to simulate aid stations on the marathon course). I also took an endurolyte every hour (electrolyte supplement). Finally, I tried a Hammer Gel in the last 1/2 hour with water. Everything was clicking. I started at about 9:30 per mile and ended at close to 9:00 per mile (averaged 9:15 per mile, speeding up slightly over the run). This was one of the better 17 milers I've done.

Friday/Saturday: After 33 miles in 3 days (all good workouts -- no easy runs), it was nice to take a rest day on Friday. On Saturday I did a 4 mile recovery run with 6 X 100m strideouts. I felt very good. Ready to race on Sunday.

Next up: Race Report

[Oh, and in a follow-up to my last post... Mom would be my next biggest supporter. She's been to two of my marathons (so far), and will be at my next one as well. Thanks mom!]



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