Thursday, May 04, 2006

Change in the Weather

The first part of the week was chilly with rain on and off. Monday was a day off after the race and all I did was an ab workout.

Tuesday, I went for an 8-mile run. I started out at what I thought was a 9:05 pace and sped up just slightly through the run. The second half was just under 9:00 pace (or so I thought). There was a very light rain for the last 2 miles and it actually felt very nice. It was just a moderately (and evenly) paced medium run. As for the times, I mapped out the route with in great detail and discovered (as I had suspected for some time) that my routes from work were actually a bit longer than I thought. So it was really an 8.14 mile run and my average was not 9:01, but 8:52. Nice to discover I'm actually running slightly faster than I thought.

Wednesday was interval fun. After a 3 mile warmup, I did 5 X 1000m at about 7:20 pace with 2 minute recovery. Followed it with a 2 mile cooldown. It was a good workout but I felt tired all afternoon (probably didn't eat enough either).

Anita's out of town for a while, so I left work a little early to get home to feed the cat and then pick up a sandwich before walking to Harvard Square to meet some friends at a lecture (livin' the single life again for a week). After the talk, and a little browsing around the square, I walked home (pretty boring stuff, huh?). The walking felt good (though not fast, and not far). Still cool and drizzling.

Today (Thursday) the weather is a totally different story. Two days ago we had a rainy high of 46. Today is sunny and 76. And of course, today is a day off from running (just my luck). Tomorrow morning should be a great 11-miler. And with this kind of weather, I think I'll start commuting by bike to work once a week (the savings on gas will be a bonus). Time to check over the racer.

Nothing much else going on.



Blogger Ellie said...

Wow! Faster than you thought, and you were already fast!!!

5/06/2006 8:26 PM  

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