Monday, April 10, 2006

Cranberry Hill to Strawberry Hill

After Wednesday's snow, it was time to get out for a good solid run. I elected to stay off the trails (though I don't think they would have been too muddy). I checked out a map to find a way to extend to my normal mid-week run. I noticed a nice long remote-looking road not too far from my turn-around location and decided to check it out. It's Northwest of Concord and called Strawberry Hill Road. (I work in an area known as Cranberry Hill, hence the title of this entry. And yes, cranberries grow wild around here.) So I headed out through Concord, out past the town center on Powell Road, and then down to Strawberry Hill Road.

As soon as I got onto the road, it started climbing. OK, the name should have been a clue. But the area is quite beautiful. Apparently, a number of quite wealthy individuals have also decided it is quite beautiful and have built some very large houses on very large properties up there. It seemed as though the further up I went, the more ostentatious the houses became. By the time I reached my turn-around point, I was in front of a very large private residence that was just disgusting. This owner lives on some of the most beautiful woods around here, with stunning views, and they have to build a "Tuscan" style villa (just a bit out of place), complete with expansive perfectly manicured lawn (and workers with their damn leaf blowers keeping it all picture-perfect)!? I mean, really, you're living in the woods. Your house is out of character and you don't need a giant lawn! But I can still enjoy the views (once I get away from their leaf blowers). The return down the hill is just as lovely (and of course a bit easier).

This was the longest of all my mid-week runs -- 14 miles at a 9:15 pace. I do find it odd that I no longer consider 14 miles to be a "long" run (maybe medium-long). I remember my first 14 mile run (years ago). It seemed so long and seemed to take forever. I had to take a walk break. I've changed. Cranking out 10 to 14 miles is no big deal now - but it's taken me three marathons, logging a lot of miles, and more recently, shedding my inhibitions about running longer distances mid-week and being confident that my body can handle the stress.

Of course, rest is also a part of this; and Friday was a rest day. I did an ab workout and just cycled for a few minutes to move my legs a bit.

Saturday was another easy day as I was getting ready for an important workout on Sunday. I did 6 miles around Fresh Pond and finished with 6 X 100m strideouts. My legs felt good and I was looking forward to Sunday's workout.


Blogger E-Speed said...

Strawberry Hill Road sounds lovely (except for that tuscan house!)

4/12/2006 7:19 PM  

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