Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patricks Day!

Dia duit (Hello)

Thursday was another good run. Though it's still chilly here in the Boston area, it wasn't too bad. I did 8 miles out to Concord and back -- 8:56 pace.

Today is a rest/cross training day. I really took it easy in the workout room today, but I did want to move my legs a bit so I cycled for a little while then did some rowing. I did about half my normal ab workout.

Kai flies in today and I'm looking forward to spending some time with him. We'll go watch the Kansas game tonight. He'll spend the rest of the weekend in New York with his sister, then be back in Boston for the rest of next week.

Of course the exciting news of the day is how well Arizona played (GO CATS!) as they demolished Wisconsin! I hope they can give Villanova a run for their money on Sunday (assuming Villanova wins today).

Tomorrow will be an easy run with some stridouts, then on Sunday is the "Ras na hEireann USA" -- a 5K in Somerville. This looks to be quite a fun time with post race parties held in about a dozen local pubs! I have no idea how well I'll do in the race -- anything around 23 minutes would be fine (I haven't been doing any speed training) -- but I'm sure the post-race celebration will be top-notch. (I'll take a Guinness, please.)

Slan go faill (Bye for now)


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