Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A 50 Mile Week

chilling winds blow leaves
along the line of cars...
inside, sopranos chant

Here's the summary for last week, and some additional commentary...

Monday was a rest day. I didn't do squat. ...Well, OK, I did an ab workout and some cycling and rowing.

Tuesday was a Lactate Threshold run. I did 10 miles, the first 3 at about a 9 minute pace, then the next 5 at almost an 8 minute pace. The final 2 miles were at a very easy pace (9:30+). It was a good workout.

Wednesday was an easy 4 mile recovery run on the trails outside my workplace.

I learned something about myself on Thursday. I can run 10 miles in 45 to 50 degree weather without taking in fluids (without carrying water). On Thursday, I ran 11 miles. Yeah, that last mile was less than stellar.

On that same run, as I ran past a church in Concord, the streets lined with cars for a funeral, I could hear music coming from within - behind the stained glass windows - high soprano voices in a sort of chant. I was moved just running past the funeral. How many lives have undergone a profound change in the last week or so because someone close has passed away? Change and impermanance, and the suffering that can cause, are a part of life. So is laughter and indescribable joy. Our time is brief, we need to make it count. [Just thought I should explain where that haiku came from - since it's not obviously connected with my running.]

Friday was a recovery day and I did an ab workout and cycled for a bit just to work out the stiffness in my legs.

On Saturday I did 7 miles, including 10 X 100m strideouts. This was the first time I'd ever done more than an easy 4 or 5 miles the day before a long run. I was a little apprehensive about pushing it like that, but I've decided to just trust in this training program. So I ran a couple loops around Fresh Pond and did my strideouts along a nice straight stretch, then finished up with about a half mile back to the house. I felt great but was wondering how I would feel on Sunday's 18 miler. It also seemed strange that, in my mind, this 7 mile run constituted a "short" run.

Sunday morning was very nice. Not too cold, overcast but with breaks in the clouds. Route was down to the Charles River then two loops and back home. The first loop was from the Elliot bridge to the Longfellow bridge (the Salt and Pepper bridge) and back (9.2 miles). This was my first time crossing that bridge on a run. It has much more of an arc (ascent and descent) than the Harvard bridge. It felt good going down the other side. The second loop was between the Elliot bridge and the Harvard bridge (7.2 miles). Round-trip from the house added 1.8 miles for a total of 18.2. Similar to two weeks ago, I slowed down on the second loop. I did not feel quite as exhausted as I did that week, I think due to eating more before the run, but my legs were very tired (probably due somewhat to the previous day's run). I believe I needed more fluids than the one bottle I carried, and I think I also need to be experimenting with my electrolyte strategy. It will be nice when the cities turn on the water fountains again as I can replenish my bottle on the run.

Total for the week was 50 miles.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love when something unexpected like the funeral causes you reflect on life while running. Sounds like a great week.

3/29/2006 12:23 AM  

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