Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sunday's 10 Miler and a haiku

Did I mention that I ran 10 miles on Sunday? And not at a particularly easy pace? It was a 9.2 mile loop around the Charles River and then just under a mile back home. Covered it in about an hour and a half. Close to 9:00 pace.

I spent the first 7 miles trying to be open to that "universal connection", that "moment of awareness". You can be open to it, but you can't make those things happen. The Cambridge side had so many people out walking and running and biking that I was just constantly distracted. Then on the Boston side the traffic seemed to be just excessive. By 7 miles at my slightly up-tempo pace, I was getting tired. It was freaking windy. I was starting to feel some chafing (That did not have a happy ending.). But then as I rounded a bend in the river I was presented with the most unbelievably beautiful scene. The sun was setting straight in front of my path, over the river, and reflecting sunlight all the way down the river from the farthest edge I could see, right up to the bank just ahead of my path. Stunning.

So another haiku...

slanting sun
river reflecting gold
a thrush drinks


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