Monday, February 27, 2006

Cold Weekend

Friday was a rest day, so I did an ab workout and about 20 minutes of rowing. Nothing much.

Saturday was scheduled to be a recovery/easy run. As it was starting to snow, I headed out to Fresh Pond. It was a bit cold, but apart from getting snowflakes in my eyes (forgot my sunglasses), it was quite a nice run. Fresh Pond was frozen over in places and so the snow-covered ice contrasted with the water. It was a nice easy-paced 4 mile run. I should have written a haiku after that run.

Sunday was absolutely frigid! OK, it just felt that way to me. I went out for my medium-long run around 8:00 a.m. and it was about 15F with a wind chill of 0F (wind gusts dropped the wind chill to -4F). I was OK for the first 6 miles, but I knew I was going to pay big time. I could feel the wind at my back all the way out along the Charles River to the Science Museum. Just after the Longfellow Bridge, I passed a large group of runners going the opposite direction (against the wind). They looked miserable. Once I turned back and headed West on the Boston side of the river, I felt their pain. I really could have used a full face mask/hood. (I have one, I just didn't think it was quite that cold. It was.) I was wearing a shirt with sleeves that pull over your hands, and I was wearing gloves underneath the sleeves. But after 6 or 7 miles, the sweat from my hands, wicked away by the gloves, froze on the sleeves. Yeah, the ends of my shirt sleeves were frozen solid. I kept trying to pull my shirt collar up around my face (it wouldn't stay). Also, as it had snowed several inches the day/night before, I was wearing my Yak-traks. So there was additional effort in trudging through snow. I was quite tired after 14 miles and when I finally got home I discovered a rather large sweat icicle hanging from my hair, and my cap was frozen to my hair! That was a new one.

The miserable run did not provide one of those zen moments, so no haiku today. But I did complete the entire week's scheduled workouts -- 40 miles total.

Monday was a rest day. Again, I did an ab workout and rowed for about 20 minutes. Tomorrow should be a little bit warmer, and I'll be back out on the roads.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's dedication. Congratulations on getting the miles in. Purchased The Lore of Running and it has been tremdously helpful. Thanks for the recommendation.

2/28/2006 12:55 AM  

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