Thursday, February 16, 2006

Amazing Weather

patchwork snow melts
into the pond and still

Weather today was unbelievable. Four days after a blizzard and temperature is in the 50's! Didn't have to worry about snow and ice -- it was the huge puddles of snowmelt in the streets. Ran at lunchtime in shorts and a T-shirt. Today's run was from work out to the Concord town center and then further west of town, then doubled back. I can't believe I missed a turn near the end (close to work). It added about a quarter mile to my run. Total distance was a little over 10 miles, all at a pretty good clip.

Tomorrow morning I fly out to Kansas City. I need to replace the garage door opener in the house (that still hasn't sold), as well as perform a few maintenance items. Looks like it's kinda cold out there this week, but I still plan to get out for an easy run on Saturday and a medium-long run on Sunday. Any KC-area runners interested in joining me (Overland Park/Johnson County area)? Just e-mail me.



Blogger Anne said...

I like this haiku. Such a poetic description of the puddle-dodging that follows a major snow run.

2/17/2006 11:01 AM  

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