Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year's Eve

This post will take us through New Year's Eve.

This week I get all of my tough workouts in: the interval training on Tuesday and a tempo run on Friday. In between is an easy run. I've taken two days off this week as I'm feeling some pulling in my right adductor. I'm trying to make sure I rest it well enough between hard workouts (and, of course, I stretch it before and after running). Most spare time during the week is spent putting away the endless piles of boxes and hauling empties to the recycling center.

Daughter Anja's boyfriend has arrived to spend some time with her and the house is getting a little crowded. This is, of course, compounded by the fact that we have exactly one full bathroom.

Saturday, New Year's Eve, we all spend at "First Night" in Boston. No running this day, but there will be plenty of walking. We take the "T" to the New England Aquarium where we start our festivities. "First Night" is a great deal in Boston. For $15 you get a button to wear that gets you into all sorts of museums, exhibits, concerts and other performances. It's a real family attraction for New Year's Eve.

From the aquarium, we walk to the Boston Common and stroll among the ice sculptures. We next walk down Newbury Street. Many shops are open and we take our time as we make our way to the Hynes Convention Center. The Convention Center is the start of the Mardi Gras style parade and I briefly consider joining in the parade itself (but the cold weather quickly brings me to my senses - and there is no way anyone else is going to join me - maybe next year). We watch the parade and then head into the Prudential Center to find a snack for dinner. After some coffee and carbs compliments of au bon pain, we find our way back into the convention center for some entertainment.

We take in the "Women of Comedy" show (three very funny comedians) and then a bit of some New England folk music. Anita and I are kind of tired and, along with Kai, take the T back home. Anja and Ben stay out for the countdown at Copley Square and fireworks in the distance (not very visible for the snowy, overcast weather). Anita, Kai and I toast the New Year and head to bed.


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