Friday, December 16, 2005

Five Random Interesting Things

So, I’ve been tagged from the peanut gallery. It took me this long to respond because I was right in the middle of moving into our house (more about the total chaos that reigns in our domicile in my next post). The rules are list five interesting/unusual things about you that nobody knows, then tag five more bloggers.

1. I never read the same novel more than once (unlike pnut who reads “Atlas Shrugged” every year). It’s not that I don’t appreciate great literature enough to re-read novels (and “Atlas Shrugged” would be on my short list of novels worth re-reading); it’s just that there is so much out there that I haven’t read that it's hard for me to justify spending my limited free time re-reading novels. Reading a great book usually leads me to other great books.

2. In general, I do not watch TV, but I have seen every episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” EXCEPT for the very last one. My kids and I really enjoyed following the series. The show had some great writers. Good combination of humor and horror. We enjoyed it so much that we didn’t want it to end. So we never watched the final episode. AND DON’T ANY OF YOU DARE SPOIL IT FOR US. We might finally watch it this holiday season. Grrr. Argh.

3. The Rubik’s Cube came out when I was in college. Before there were any published books on how to solve the cube, I spent an entire Spring Break solving and analyzing the cube. Within the week I was able to solve a scrambled cube within about 2 minutes. I could also manipulate it into interesting patterns. No big surprise: I was a mathematics major.

4. I hate brussel sprouts. I eat a healthy diet – fruits, vegetables, whole grains. I love broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus, okra, lima beans, ... But I hate brussel sprouts.

5. The first album I ever bought was The Beatles, Yesterday ... and Today. I was a great fan of the fab four. I have every original Beatles album released in the U.S., as well as the original Parlophone releases from Great Britain. (I learned to play many guitar licks off the albums.) I especially identified with John Lennon. His post-Beatles political activism had great influence on me. His death 25 years ago was such a great loss to the world. We could use more people like John pointing out injustice and oppression wherever it occurs. He and I share the same birthday – October 9th.

OK, so now that I finally got this posted I find several people I would have tagged have already been tagged. I don't think these people have yet, though, so...

Down south: runninturnip

Someone we haven't heard from in a while: Lara

Someone local: The Running Red Sox Fan

...and now I'll have to go find a couple more.


Blogger boiledpnut said...

You are right, I should branch out and read a wider assortment. In fact, I need to read more period. Darn internet sucks me in all to often. I quit keeping a list of "must reads" after it hit 200!

I enjoyed your list of 5. Although people seem to hate memes, I find this particular one rather insightful.

Hope the move has gone well.

12/19/2005 11:58 PM  
Blogger runninturnip said...

You'll be glad to know I fulfulled my TAGGED responsibilities. Now I just have to find out who else to TAG. And I eat almost all vegetables EXCEPT brussel sprouts.

12/22/2005 7:54 PM  
Blogger E-Speed said...

that is cool about the rubix cube. I am clueless with that stuff.

I HATE brussell sprouts and squash. But LOVE pretty much all other veggies.

My fave food is spinach.

12/29/2005 12:55 PM  

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