Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Update for Thanksgiving Week

Monday - after Sunday's 20-miler, I took the day off. My left hamstring is tight and I was a bit tired from last week's mileage.

Tuesday - traveling to Kansas City. In the evening did my first track workout for this marathon cycle. After warming up for 2 miles, did three sets of 800m - 600m - 400m - 200m with about 30 second recovery between distances and 2 minute recovery between sets. Finished with a 2 mile cool down. About 8 miles total, and I was exhausted.

Wednesday - drove to Cedar Rapids, Iowa where we would have Thanksgiving. The weather was not too cold but Thursday was forecast to be very cold so I made sure to get out for a short run Wednesday evening - only 3 miles, but it felt good.

Thursday (Thanksgiving) - extremely cold! The high was something like 19F, and the wind chill must have been near 0F. It was so freaking cold! And I forgot my windbreaker, so no jacket -- no run. This was the first real planned run that I have missed in this cycle. But it was Thanksgiving, we had dinner with great friends and family. We cooked together, ate together, played music together. We also have this tradition on Thanksgiving...

In order to get the guests out of the house for a couple hours before dinner (so we can get dinner together and have just a bit of a break), we would send our guests out on a scavenger hunt. Sometimes they would have to collect things, last year they had to take pictures portraying famous events (with themselves and various city landmarks, for example "Lewis and Clark first view the prairie" and you must include the famous Kansas City statue "Scout"). This year, our good friends hosting us for Thanksgiving, sent us out to make a movie describing "The True Story of Thanksgiving". Our group ended up at a grocery store interviewing one of the managers for our movie. He turned out to be the father of Elijah Wood (Frodo from "Lord of the Rings"). We all had a great time (despite the arctic temperatures).

Friday - it started to warm up a little bit. I was able to get out and run almost 9 miles. As I was missing my tempo run for the week, for the last couple of miles I picked up the pace quite a bit. Felt great.

Saturday - drove back to Kansas City, dropped Mom off at the airport, and headed home. Now the temperature was getting very warm with a wind from the South. Went for a short run (about 3 miles) in shorts and T-shirt and was sweating quite a bit. What a contrast to the last couple of days.

Sunday - the weather remained quite nice, though overcast with a few sprinkles. In the afternoon went for a long run. I had originally planned on going 22 miles, but I had some time constraints, and the previous weeks were pretty intense, so I decided it was probably a good idea to back off for a week. I only did 18 miles. (My daughter just laughed at me when I said "I only did 18 today".)

So for a week in which I backed off on my mileage, I still put in over 40 miles. I should be ready for next week's 22 miler.



Blogger boiledpnut said...

The shifting weather drives me crazy! You had a great week of runs. Good job!

12/01/2005 8:29 AM  
Blogger uncle joe said...

With all the running you do when do you find time to listen to Barney?

12/02/2005 11:02 AM  
Blogger E-Speed said...

Nice job, I haven't hit over 40 in awhile :)

12/02/2005 4:34 PM  
Blogger runninturnip said...

wow,that's great! I had to back off on my mileage too due to a nice hacking cough.
That weather makes me glad for once that I am in the South!

12/06/2005 11:30 AM  

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