Monday, November 07, 2005

Four Days - 34 miles

Yeah, the knee is doing better.

So let's see, last Thursday was an easy 4 on the trails at work, then that evening I did a 5 mile hill workout on the treadmill. I'm finding now that I can handle two workouts in one day occasionally. Friday was another easy 4. I was worried that I would be too tired from the previous day's workouts, but I actually felt really good. Too good. I felt I was running too fast for the day before a long run, and consciously slowed down the last 2 miles.

Saturday was the long run. 18 miles. I have done almost every long run on Sunday so this was a bit different for me. I planned my route along the Charles River. The loop from the Arsenal St. bridge to the Harvard bridge and back is 9.7 miles. The loop from the Arsenal St. bridge to the Boston University bridge is 7.8 miles. The two loops together make 17.5 miles, so I parked about a quarter mile from the start.

The first 10 miles felt pretty good. Split was 1:35, 9:30 per mile. By the second loop, my whole left calf was aching. Then, at around 14 miles or so I've got to cross the bridge over the Charles that leads to B.U. A bit steeper than the Harvard bridge, and when you get to the other side you have to go down a long set of stairs (ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch,...). Then to make things worse, it leaves me on the wrong side of the road. And now I have to backtrack almost a quarter of a mile to another bridge over the road (the road was way too busy to cross at that point). Another set of stairs up the walkway (ouch, ouch, ...), over the road, then down another set of stairs (ow, ow, "this really sucks", ow,...). And then to top it all off, my water bottle is empty and the water fountains where I planned to refill it are shut off! By the end of the 18 miles, I'm both dead tired and thirsty. And after my legs have had a good chance to really tighten up in the car I still have to negotiate the 40 steps down to my apartment (!@#$, !@#$, !@#$,...).

Sunday, I felt pretty stiff. But by the evening was ready for a short 3 mile run just to stretch things out. Felt good.

So 34 miles in the last 4 days for a total of 45 miles for the week. A good week.


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