Friday, November 18, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Thermometer in the car read 29F when I left work this evening. Freaking cold. At least compared to Wednesday when it was 66F when I left work. So today's easy 4 mile run at lunchtime was a little chilly (forgot my hat).

After last week's race I did an easy 4 on Monday, then a hill workout Tuesday at lunchtime (total of 5 miles on the treadmill) and another easy 4 Tuesday evening (also on the treadmill -- it was raining and I was feeling like a wimp). Wednesday was another easy 4, and Thursday was a good hard tempo workout (8 miles). Today was 4 miles and tomorrow will be an easy 3 or 4. I plan to try the trail around Fresh Pond down the street from the house we're moving into. Then Sunday will be my first 20 miler for this marathon cycle. I'm feeling pretty good for reaching 50+ miles per week, and all of my runs seem to be getting faster. Now as long as I can stay injury-free until the marathon...

C-Ya (after I go pick up a nice warm hat and some running mittens)


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