Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Weekend in Kansas and a Bunch o' Running

Haven't posted in a few days, so here goes. Friday was a day off from running. After staying up way too late Thursday night, got up at 4:00 am to catch the first train to the airport for a 6:30 am flight. Flew to Kansas City (via Milwaukie). Helped Anita a bit getting ready for the garage sale on Saturday, but zonked out not long after 9:00 pm.

Saturday morning, after helping to get the garage sale going, went for an easy 3 mile run in the neighborhood. We had some rain on and off that afternoon and evening. And the temperature was dropping.

Sunday morning got up at 5:00 for a long run. Plan was 16 miles. Lately I've been filling my water bottle with Gatorade (or a 50/50 mix of Gatorade and water). Not having any in the house, I left with just water and one gel. I was also wearing a long sleeve shirt, but no windbreaker. And I forgot my hat. All of which I'm regretting a few miles into my run. It's frickin' COLD! Temperature was actually in the 40's, but there was also a stiff breaze. After 8 miles, and turning to head back home, I realize I'm going to be running against the wind most of the way. This is going to suck.

At 10 miles, I'm feeling whipped. And cold. And a little nauseous. I force myself to suck down the Power Gel (Vanilla -- not my favorite). I take a short walk break, then resume running. Around 14 miles, I walk up and down a steep hill, then pick it up again, still not sure if I'll make the whole 16 miles. Another hill just before mile 16 and I walk once more (up the hill). I grit out the last 2 miles.

OK, I've never liked the idea of taking walking breaks. I almost ALWAYS run continuous on my long runs. Even 20 or 22 mile runs. But even though I took 3 short walk breaks, I at least made the 16 miles. So what was the problem? Affected by the cold? Running the day before a long run? Not enough energy replacement? Racking up mileage too quickly? I suspect a little of all of these. We'll see how the next long run goes. That will be in two weeks, next week I plan to do a race. Plus it's time to back off a bit on the long runs.

Now, despite the crappy run on Sunday, I still got out and ran on Monday. An easy 4 miles. Legs felt quite stiff, but the run did wonders for them. By the time I finished, I was feeling great. Then, that evening it was back to Boston. A bit of turbulence flying into Logan, New England is getting an early Nor'Easter.

Today (Tuesday) called for a Hill workout. Yeah, right. It's cold, rainy and windy out. But there's always the treadmill in the fitness center at work. So that actually worked out better. Did a 5 mile hill workout on the treadmill at lunchtime, then in the evening before I went home, did another easy 4 miles (9 total for the day).

And so now it's late and I'm pretty tired, so it's off to bed. Tomorrow will be an easy day (and weather forecast says a chance the rain will break for a while).


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