Saturday, October 29, 2005

Snow?! What the...

OK, it snowed today. First snow of the year is always exciting. Kind of strange. It was about 40 degrees and it just started snowing. Flurries on and off for a couple hours. Then the temp dropped to around 37 or 38 and the snow just came down. Very cool.

I didn't want to get the new shoes dirty yet (just in case I decided I didn't like them and wanted to take them back), so I went in to work just to use the treadmill. After an easy 5 (I hate doing anything more than 3 on a treadmill) I showered and left. I had thought about doing some actual work, but...

The shoes feel fine. They are comfortable. I don't feel like I need the motion control that I used to have, and the cushioning feels very good. I think I will be quite happy with these shoes. (Brooks Radius in case the reader hasn't been following my posts) I've got wide feet and Brooks shoes have always fit nicely. I've worn Brooks shoes for quite a few years (Brooks Chariots were my first -- that probably dates me).

Was also able to pull together the Halloween costume for work. I'm going as Howard Hughes (the reclusive billionaire and founder of Hughes Aircraft -- I work for an avionics company so it's kind of fitting). Will try to post pic sometime soon.

Tomorrow is my first race since the San Diego fiasco. I have no idea what to expect, but I plan to go out pretty hard and try to run negative splits. I'll report back tomorrow night.



Blogger partyrunner said...

hey, i'm glad you like your shoes. my foot too is a bit wider, i'll have to research the radius.

oh and read your san diego race report (sd is my hometown). this is belated but i can't believe you finished after all that. nice. very nice.

10/30/2005 8:52 PM  

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