Thursday, October 27, 2005

Nice Day for a Tempo Run

Six miles today through the Minute Man trails. An easy 2 to get warmed up, then the next two at a quick pace (just over 8 minute miles), and an easy 2 to cool down. All of this over hard dirt trails through the woods. The air was still pretty cool, but the sun was shining. Colorful leaves cover the trails in the more heavily wooded areas. The Fall colors are still quite impressive, and watching leaves twirl in the breeze as I'm cruising along the trails is just fantastic. A thoroughly enjoyable run.

As I've racked up the miles this week, I'll be easing off tomorrow. Some cross-training with at most 2 miles of treadmill running on the new shoes. I'll do an easy 5 on Saturday, then a 5K on Sunday.

Eleven weeks until the Arizona Rock and Roll Marathon.


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