Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New Shoes and a Little Tendonitis

Today was an easy run at lunchtime, 4 miles along the Minute Man Park trails. A bit chilly going out the first mile or so, but very nice coming back.

After work, drove over to Marathon Sports in Wellesley to pick up a new pair of shoes. The employees there really are great. They do a great job fitting customers to appropriate shoes. The guy helping me could have sold me another pair of Adrenalines (Brooks), but talked me into the Radius (also Brooks) for $10 less. His opinion was the Adrenalines had too much motion control for me. In fact may even be contributing to my current knee issue (more on that later). So I went with the Radius, a more neutral shoe. It seems to have plenty of cushioning. His feeling is that the Adrenaline, in order to prevent overpronation, prevents my legs from properly aligning during my stride. I'd like to do at least one run with them on a treadmill before taking them out on the road, and since tomorrow I'm scheduled for a tempo run on the trails, I won't be trying them out until Friday. Will report back on how they feel.

OK, so I've been researching the knee issue I mentioned before. To refresh, there is no pain when I run, and no pain afterwards. It doesn't hurt when I wake up in the morning, or when I walk up and down stairs. But, when my left leg is bent 90 degrees or more, and I rotate my leg perhaps 90 degrees (for example, sitting, put my left foot on my right knee), I can feel some pain below the knee, and to the outside (lateral). Or, if I kneel on my left knee, I will feel pain. Sometimes it's just a pulling, sometimes it's a sharp tearing pain. Really odd. But from what I've read, it is most likely Popliteus Tendonitis. At least it has a name. It's a tendon that wraps around from the back of the knee and has an attachment to the tibia in front. It helps stabilize the knee. Running downhill is supposed to aggravate it (i.e. avoid running downhill). So I'm trying to keep downhill stuff to a minimum. I am wondering, though. I first noticed it after moving into my apartment in Waltham. It's about 50 steps down from the parking lot. I've been walking up and down a lot of stairs. And I recently added hill training to my schedule. Can't do anything about the steps (until I move out in another month or so), but I can do my hill workouts on the treadmill so as to avoid the downhill part. Sure do hope the inflamation doesn't get any worse. So far, so good.


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