Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween - a day off

Happy Halloween readers! Today was a total day off -- mostly to rest my left calf. Yes, I said "calf". The pulling/pain I was feeling yesterday behind my knee has turned out to be located in my upper calf. It feels like the muscle is just really knotted up. Not sure why, but this is certainly better than pain "in" the knee. I've been stretching and massaging it throughout the day. I think it should be good to go by tomorrow, if not for a full workout at least a light one.

Well, only a few kids showed up at my door demanding swag. Now I've got way too many leftover candybars. The office will be the beneficiaries of the leftover goodies (hey, I don't eat that stuff anymore). Well, I did carry one around today. We had a costume contest at work and I came as Howard Hughes -- complete with Hershey's bar (rumor has it that Hughes subsisted for over a year on Hershey's bars, milk and pecans). Can't believe I didn't win for best celebrity -- probably way too obscure.

As I am now suffering from a tremendous headache, I am going to sign off and get to bed.



Anonymous vwinikka said...

I'm anxious to see you in that Halloween costume.

11/03/2005 1:53 PM  

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