Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Good 6-miler - In the zone

Great run today. Did 6 miles through the Minute Man park trails. I was trying to take it pretty easy, but by mile 4 the endorphins were starting to flow. I was in the zone by mile 5. At which point I passed a couple guys from work and one of them says, "Look. He's in that running zone!" Don't know how he could see it. But that runner's high was peaking right then. I love that feeling. Running through the woods, feeling like I could go forever.Then by mile 6 I was getting hot and starting to tire a bit. Felt so good. Stretched a bit before and after.So then, after running 6 at lunchtime, and having one apple, one orange, and a 6 oz yogurt for my entire lunch, we have a champagne toast at work to celebrate a major delivery. Half a glass. I'm such a lightweight now.


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