Sunday, October 02, 2005

First Long Run in Boston

Long run this morning. 12 miles. Started near the Arsenal St. bridge in Watertown. Ran East along the Charles River (North side). The trails are quite nice - I'm sure I'll be doing plenty of long runs along the river.At around mile 4, across from the Citgo sign, the trees cleared a bit and I had my first panoramic view of the Boston skyline. I have no regrets about moving here. Seeing the sunlight sparkling on the Charles, rowers silently passing by, and a great city skyline under a bright blue Sunday morning sky, was just beautiful.Ran all the way to the science museum (and the giant R2D2), crossed over to the South side and returned along the South side of the river. I was originally going to cross on the Longfellow bridge but I must have missed a turn somewhere. By the way, the towers on that bridge are way too phallic! Had one energy gel around mile 8. Nice to see the water fountains on that side of the river (I was running low). By mile 10 I was feeling whipped. This was my first long run since the San Diego marathon (almost 4 months ago now). But I did 12 miles without too much difficulty. Didn't really feel much lactic acid build-up. Just kind of tired and a little sore.

Drove back to the apt., quickly showered, then went to church (late!). Picked up a bagel on my way home. Went out for a very late breakfast and to listen to the Red Sox spank the Yankees (10-1).

So now I begin training for the Arizona Rock N Roll marathon in January.

Still a long road ahead.


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