Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Road to San Diego -- Tucson, Arizona (Part 2)

Day five began with an easy 3 mile run. I timed the run so that I would finish at the north end of the Williams neighborhood, a very pretty all natural desert environment dotted with adobe houses. It's a great place to walk through for a cool-down. No more running until Saturday when I will go for a 2 mile run in San Diego to stretch out the day before the marathon. After breakfast was a trip to the airport to drop Anja off. We were running late and were about halfway to the airport when Anja realized she left her purse back at the house. Can't get on a flight without ID so we had to go back for it. By the time we got to the Frontier counter at the airport, she had missed her flight. The good news was that they did not charge her the $50 to reschedule. The bad news was that she now had to fly out of Phoenix. So I spent most of the day driving her up to Phoenix, turning around, and driving back to Tucson. When I got back, we all met up at the Park Mall theater and went to the new Star Wars movie. OK, it wasn't bad. Not as good as episode 5 (Empire Strikes Back), and some of the dialogue was really terrible, but the drama was still engaging and the special effects were great. Tomorrow will be our last day in Tucson.

Day is spent mostly poking around town. Kai is getting a haircut, Anita is looking for shoes, Gizem is shopping for souvenirs, and I'm just on the lookout for free WiFi. Unfortunately, the coffee shop I planted myself in while Kai was getting his haircut has WiFi, but it's not free. I have to connect later in the day. We made a stop at the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona. Too bad they are in between exhibits. Only a small selection from their archives were on exhibit. Finally got to Rainbow Guitars. Interesting that they're selling the same guitar I just bought (same price too) -- a Gitane Maccaferi-style acoustic (small oval hole). After a small lunch at El Taco (it's a dive, but they have a great green chili meat burrito), and an Eegee's stop, I made it to Beyond Bread where they have free wireless access. I see that the forecast for San Diego is a low of 61 and a high of 68. I'd prefer temperatures in the 50's, but it will be fine. Anaheim is supposed to have a high of 75 next Tuesday when we are planning on doing Disneyland -- looks like good weather for a while. Tonight will be dinner with some old friends, the Pyne's, then packing up. Tomorrow we drive up to Phoenix.


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