Thursday, December 02, 2004

Cool shades

Well, I was pretty bummed several weeks ago when I discovered my sunglasses were broken. I had bought the pair of Ironman shades at a Target department store in Phoenix AZ several years ago. They've been through a lot. The mirror-shaded wrap-around lenses worked very well for running, cycling and driving. But three weeks ago I discovered the frame had cracked and broken completely through. I knew I would need new shades for the run this Sunday, but hadn't had a need to buy them immediately (my long runs have been pre-dawn, my track workouts have been in the evenings, and sometimes I'd run at the fitness center at work). I haven't had a real need for new shades until now.

Kudos to Sports Authority. I was checking out their sunglasses and wasn't too keen on the new Ironman wrap-around (kind of big). But the Bolle's! I figured way too expensive. The associate told me the Bolle's were going to be on Sale this weekend -- 50% off. When I asked when that started she told me Sunday. "Too late for me" I told her, "I need them Sunday morning -- I'm running the Tucson Marathon." She hardly hesitated to offer them to me right then at the discount price.

I'll be sporting a wicked pair of red Bolle shades for that marathon finish photo-op!


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